Terms and Conditions

The usage agreement in our company is the basic relationship between the customer and our company, so you can always trust that you are getting our best service

General Terms & Warnings

  • The password of the site is the responsibility of the customer, and in the event of its leakage and use to damage the server, the administration of Data Egypt has the right to stop the site without prior notice and cancel the service immediately
  • The customer has no right to defame or insult Data Egypt or its employees or administrators, and the company has the right to cancel the contract if otherwise
  • The terms and conditions of use mentioned on this page have the right to change it at any time without prior notice, so visit this page from time to time

Payments & Money back guarantee

  • The customer is obligated to pay the price of the service in full or at least half of it before receiving the service and in accordance with the communication with sales and the initial agreement.
  • In the event that the renewal time passes without a response from the customer, a backup copy of the site is kept on the server for a period of two weeks only. If the customer does not renew or transfer to another company, we have the right to permanently delete the site and the backup copy.
  • Data Egypt undertakes to return funds to new customers exclusively in the following cases:
    First: Violation of the company’s employees to provide the required service, which was paid for within 72 hours as a maximum.
    Second: The server has stopped working for 72 hours continuously for a reason beyond the control of the company.

The rights & obligations of the client and the company

  • Inform the customer first of the latest news about the status of the server hosted on it in case the customer requests it
  • Provide internal backup copies every 3 days, 2 copies weekly and one copy monthly, but the customer remains obligated to keep a copy of his website in case of necessity.
  • The company is obligated to give the customer a control panel for the domain he owns with all his data in case the customer requests it
  • Commitment to maintain the strict confidentiality of personal customer data and do not allow anyone to disclose it
  • The company is committed to providing the service within a maximum period of 24 hours from receiving the service amount for hosting services that include hosting distributors and servers. As for the rest of the services such as programming for example, this is done according to the agreement with the customer
  • Attempting to damage another server or client site that we host places the attempting owner to:
    First: Suspending and closing the site for a period specified by the company
    Second: A fine of the amount of losses at the discretion of the company
    Third: Deleting the site or canceling the service immediately without the right to return the service, request a backup copy of the site, or refund the amount paid
    Fourth: Legal accountability through the Egyptian electronic judiciary through the company’s Legal Affairs Department
  • It is prohibited to host terrorist, defamatory, pornographic, political or religious websites that incite Islamic Sharia or other monotheistic religions.
  • The following services, software and content are strictly prohibited on our servers, which are: Spam – Mass sending – Any content that violates Islamic law – Copyright violation
    Anyone who uses one of these scripts will have their site suspended or deleted and will be subject to a fine and legal liability
    Regards, Legal Affairs Department
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